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precious metal smelting machine

Precious Metal Smelting Machines

Wellgold Tech 1-10kg melting machines can enable you to melt refined and recycled precious metals, such as gold, silver, platinum, copper and their alloys within 2 minutes. All our smelting machines boost reliability, efficiency, and durability while consuming minimal energy.

Application: Gold, Silver, Platinum, Copper, etc.

Melting Capacity: 1-10kg

jewelry hollow ball making machine

Jewelry Hollow Ball Making Machine

Wellgold Tech jewelry hollow ball making solution can automatically hammer and produce 1.5-15mm jewelry balls. If pushed to operate at maximum speed, our hollow ball solution can process at 130pc/min.

Speed: 130 pc/min

Bead Size: Diameter of 1.5-15mm

Bead Thickness: 0.1-0.45mm

vacuum gold bar making machine

Vacuum Gold Bar Making Machine

Wellgold Tech gold bar casting process undergoes vacuum and inert gas protection. This ensures that we avoid issues such as oxidation, loss, shrinkage, and water ripple of gold and silver bars.

Loss of Metals: 0%

Casting Speed: 15 min for 15kg

Jewelry Making
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Are you looking to melt gold, silver, platinum, or any other metals within the 120 seconds benchmark?

Tired of having to switch furnaces each time you want to melt a different precious metal?

Are you looking to invest in gold nuggets, casting projects, or jewelry casting line?

Or maybe you are on the lookout for hollow ball forming equipment solutions offering automated processing?

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